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Great shop! Very professional and extremely knowledgeable equipment and fitting!!!
David was amazing with my golf fitting today. I gained 20 yards of distance in my irons. Great teacher/fitter
David is a real professional. I am calling him the golf wizard. He has put together a set of clubs that has changed how I’m going to play golf. If you don’t go see him, don’t complain about your game.
Dave, at Venice Golf, fitted me for new Ping irons and they made a tremendous improvement in my game. The ball is flying higher, straighter and longer than before!I highly recommend Venice Golf!!
Best fitting EVER...improved my game
There isn’t a better spot in Sarasota County for all of your golf needs. Dave is laser focused on providing the best golf experience for your needs. Any skill level, Dave and his team surpass expectation. No need to a big box superstore. Venice Golf Center has it all!
I agree with the other reviews. What I’ll add is how efficient and effective I found Dave to be with his teaching skills. I am an experienced golfer but my game has slipped over the last 8 years and I wanted to get my mojo back. 3 lessons later (two on driver and one on pitching and putting) and I’m breaking 90 again. Dave quickly spotted setup issues and bad habits that had crept into my swing and gave me simple corrective advice. Most important is the feedback you get from Dave and his technology (swing monitor and video replay). No Youtube video gives you that. Oh and I love the new Mizuno irons and Ping woods that he fitted me for. Thanks Dave.
Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Dave the owner or his assistant for a fitting, you won't be disappointed! They take their time to get it right. Awesome local business.
Had a great fitting. Excellent service and experience. Highly recommend.
Bill and Dave Excellant got fitted for new clubs, Bill was very patient took his time didn't push me to anything just the facts, let me make the decision if I wanted to buy or if I wanted what would "I" like.I got my driver today and went to the range. Love it! I can't wait for the irons to come in!
I had a driver fitting with David Vaught today. He engineered a driver that maximized my numbers that should result in better performance. Now time will tell. He is very professional and knowledgable. I highly recommend.
Had my first golf lesson with David. Very beneficial! Helping me out with some bad habits. Great deals on golf stuff too.
Dave’s level of knowledge is second to none . Professional does not do him justice. He takes the time to explain every step and the impact the right fitting can have on your game . Do not go anywhere else
I got fitted for a new driver with Dave. He was very helpful in finding the right fit. He helped me with my swing and took the time to make sure I was comfortable with the right driver. We will be coming back for lessons and anything else we need for golf.
David Vaught is easily the best thing that has happened to golf in Venice in the 12 years I have lived here. He personally as well as his vast experience in club fitting and repair will be a game changer for all golfers in the area. I had David evaluate my current driver and putter today.....he fitted me to a new shaft that improved all of my driving distance and dispersion figures to such a degree that I was stunned. He explained in depth how the data revealed why the shaft I had in driver was totally wrong for my swing despite the fact that the head was a perfect fit. I fully expected the fitting to reveal that at the most a minor tweak would be all he would find. How wrong I was! He changed the shaft, put on he grip of my choice, and gave me a substantial discount.He also checked the specs on my putter and asked what my typical miss looked like. When I told him he replied that he only asked to verify what he already knew based upon what he had found. Let's just say that if you have never had a putter fitting I would highly recommend that you give David a call and set up an appointment.In my 60 plus years of dealing with golf professionals and club fitters in both Florida and Massachusetts I have never come in contact with anyone with the knowledge, resume, and ability to diagnose and propose solutions to help me play better. And I left feeling totally convinced that David gets genuine satisfaction from helping people improve. And he is a great guy as well! I am really excited about dealing with David going forward and telling everyone I can how satisfied I am with the way he treated me today and also letting them know about the state of the art club repair and fitting store he is in the process of perfecting here in Venice.
In a world full of big chain, corporate stores where you are just another customer, it is refreshing and a pleasure to deal with small local shops like Venice Golf Center. I have been shopping there for several years now, and bought a set of custom fitted clubs there about a year ago. I couldn't be happier with my new set of Mizuno clubs! Recently, when I needed a set of clubs shipped out of state, David bent over backwards to arrange for the shipment and was a great help when UPS sent part of the shipment to the wrong state. I highly recommend Venice Golf Center to anyone looking for equipment and Golf supplies. You won't find another shop with the knowledge, professionalism, and service in the area!
It deeply saddens me to admit that the past week was incredibly traumatic for me. I found myself feeling quite lonely, as though there was a gaping emptiness in my life that I couldn't seem to fill.😔 Yes, I sent those new PXG golf clubs back to Arizona. Despite their newness and luster, they simply didn't bring me the joy and comfort I had hoped for.So, last week was spent in a fevered search for a new love, one that would be a constant companion by my side on the golf course. I longed for Clubs that would gleam and glisten in the radiant Florida sunshine, inspiring me to play my best game yet. More than anything, I sought Clubs that would be my partner in every sense of the word, lifting me and helping me win games. I yearned for Clubs that would love me unconditionally, forgive my mishits, and treat me with kindness and respect.So, after much research, I went to owner and PGA professional David E Vaught and explained to him that I needed a love more compatible with my goals. He understood and empathized with me. And after a brief condolence, he took his tape out, measured me, and the miracles started. He had me hitting balls in a virtual Golf course, trying different brands and different shafts, and he adjusted the weights. He tweaked this; he tweaked that; he shortened this, and elongated that... I was there for hours. Finally, the perfect Golf Clubs emerged from the dust of my despair. My custom Ping clubs are being made in America and should arrive in two weeks.Today is a new day, and once again, the Sun shines brightly.🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞😊😊😊😊🇺🇸🇺🇸Then, after 14 long days had passed…Dave Vaught must have seen me coming, for as soon as I walked into Venice Golf Center, I knew I was in for a treat. Dave was already holding a beautiful set of golf clubs, waiting to show them off to me. With a proud smile, he set them down and watched as I admired each club. When I replaced the dust covers on the iron, his employee joked, "John, these are not museum pieces; they are made to be played with, lol.The next day, I played in a pairs tournament at the Cove of Rotunda Golf Course. Despite not having had any practice time with the clubs, I was eager to try them out. The match had sold out tickets, so I knew it would be a great day. After the game, I was in a rush and didn't have time for lunch, so I left without expecting to win anything. But later that day, my golf partner David Gagnon called me with fantastic news: "John, we won first place!"I highly recommend the Ping G430s. They proved to be an excellent choice for me as they fit me like a glove. I am grateful that I got them custom-made by Dave Vaught himself, who is not only the store owner but also a PGA Professional with years of education and experience. You can Google him and see for yourself. If you are looking for a set of clubs tailored to fit you perfectly, enabling you to play golf better and enjoy the game, visit Dave's store. Life is good 🙂
Thank you Dave! Great experience getting fitted for my Mizuno irons. He took his time with me and is very knowledgeable.
I needed to have my irons checked to determine if I needed new shafts or lie angles adjusted. David listened to my needs, spent time with me on the monitor and educated me on my numbers and options. He did not try and force a sale in any direction. He ultimately adjusted my clubs at a very reasonable price. I am very pleased with my experience and highly recommend David for your club fitting needs.
Excellent! He is super knowledgeable and spent lots of time explaining exactly what we needed. Won’t go anywhere else!
I went in for a free club check that I found in the local paper. I only wanted the driver but David asked me to bring one of my mid irons in so I did. What a great guy and very patient with his customers. There needs to be 2 of him in the store. His input to what I needed was spot on with my driver but as I will probably replace my irons in the near future I declined and he was good with that. I will definitely be back to purchase new irons from him and he will make them perfect I’m sure.
Great fast service, sale prices
I was looking for a local golf shop to purchase things like balls, tees, etc. I was recommended to David at Venice Golf Center, and I am very grateful for this recommendation. David is very friendly and welcoming to his establishment.Not long after my first visit, I decided to purchase a new gap wedge for my bag, and not really knowing all the ins and outs, David took the time to have me swing at his in house driving booth. After making my selection, I mentioned that I was struggling with hitting my 6-iron. Long story short, my entire set of irons was ‘off’ both loft as well as lie angle! (Relatively brand new set of Ping G425’s)I paid him to reset my entire set, and I couldn’t be happier!2 weeks later, I was back to purchase both the Ping G430 driver and 3 wood… again, he took the time to match me up with the correct shafts that let me hit the best…Sorry for the long story, but I HIGHLY recommend a visit to the Venice Golf Center if you’re in the area… you won’t be disappointed.
awesome, amazing, fabulous place...Bill welcomed to me golf.. great place
Great series of lessons, full swing through putter. The technology David uses exposes very quickly any swing faults and he gives you excerises to correct the faults. This guy is the real deal to understand and improve your game.
Enjoyed working with Bill. Very knowledgeable and answered all questions. I would definitely recommend him for a golf fitting.
Great fitting for first time! Got brand new irons. Highly recommend shopping local!
Always helpful, always knowledgeable. Be absolutely insane to go anywhere else. An absolute pro
Checkout this golf center located in Venice, FL for excellent instruction and club fittings/adjustments. I was fitted with new irons and just recently a putter fitting. The benefits, the positive impact on my game and overall improving golf experience has been notable. Highly recommend stopping in to meet David Vaught, Owner & PGA Instructor.
I’ve always had either hand me down or off the shelf club sets. I finally decided to take my game serious and get a club fitting. I walked in and had all my questions answered and felt comfortable having David take care of me without doing any other shopping around. I couldn’t be happier with my new Mizuno irons and woods. I’m striking my irons better than I have my whole life and having more fun than ever on the golf course. Highly recommend these guys for any of your equipment needs!
The store is well stocked with great product and prices. The staff was friendly and David Vaught is incredibly knowledgeable with instruction and fittings. Highly recommend!
David was great!! His patience and knowledge helped me get the correct equipment for my height andmy swing. Everything you need for golf right here in Venice!!
Great place, incredibly friendly staff. Always ready to inform you of any questions you have great place to get clubs fitted as well.
My family and I got together to replace my husband’s clubs which had been stolen a year ago. Matt scheduled his fitting and Bill and David were so great. Bill spent the time to find the perfect set for Matt! I enjoyed watching too! We are so grateful for the professional help, as well as the enjoyable experience! If I ever take up golf, I’ll be back for my own fitting! Thank you guys so much!
They spent a significant amount of time making sure I had a proper club fitting. My new clubs are much easier to swing and my ball striking has improved greatly. Looking forward to taking lessons from them.
Dave was great. He was patient and methodical in her approach to helping us fit our clubs. He was friendly and very knowledgeable about the process.
David has been great to deal with. I have bought a handful of clubs in the last weeks or so. Works very well with trade ins and your fittings. Reccomed anyone in the area to check out this shop.
Response from the owner: Thanks Nick for the review and your business! We try hard to help golfers improve their game.
If I could give 10 stars I would. David is dedicated to his craft and really brought my clubs back to life.(grips, shafts, lie angle) Couldn’t be happier with the final product
Response from the owner: I was so happy to help you rescue the set and get the clubs to fit you better. We do a lot of high quality club repair and I have been a certified club repair technician for over 30 years. Hit them well William and check back with us on your how they are working, we love the feedback!
I stopped by Venice Golf Center for a fitting with Bill Cantrell. Bill worked with me on the simulator to get my swing pattern, measurements, and distances. After trying multiple shafts we were able to find the right fit for my swing. I was very happy with the fitting and the Mizuno clubs I received. I would highly recommend Bill Cantrell and the Venice Golf Center.
Response from the owner: Bill is an excellenmt equipment fitter. Fitting is our specialty and recently upgraded our Trackman simulator. Get personal, professional service with the technology of the big box store! Thanks Jordan!
Great experience with a fitting of new irons! David is outstanding!!
Response from the owner: Thanks Chris! We are so happy we could help your game and get you the right equipment. We strive for excellent and professional service!
David was super knowledgeable and patient fitting me for my first set of golf clubs. He also worked closely with my husband (an intermediate player) on selecting a new driver and 3 wood. HIGHLY RECOMMEND David!!!
Response from the owner: Thanls for your business. I am a PGA Professional and dedicated helping golfers and growing the game. We love our customers. Thank you for the opportunity to help improve your golf game!
I have purchased here for a few years now. Totally pleased with the service. I have bought off the rack clubs and custom fit clubs. Dan and his team are truly dedicated to great and prompt service. My wife is very happy with her custom fit Ping clubs.
Response from the owner: Thank you John! Appreciate your kind words and confidence in Venice Golf.
Best store around. Personalized professional attention and great prices.